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Curv Z Padded Biker Sunglasses | Day to Night

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Day to night transforming lens, no more stopping to change lenses. Automatically darkens on bright sunny days, then adjusts to night lenses on overcast days and at night
A transitional lens will only alter in the area subjected to change in light, therefore if only one part of peripheral vision is subjected to an increase in light intensity then only that part will change. Every area of the lens is fully independent from all other areas. Please keep in mind, transitional lenses do not get as dark as real sunglasses.
The pictures are only to show the model and accessories. Although they get comfortably dark, we can't possibly tell how dark as this depends on light conditions.
The CURV Z model consists of a light weight plastic frame designed to fit comfortably and snug just like riding glasses should. 
A soft airy foam forms an airtight seal around the eye sockets and protects them from wind and dust to maintain the ultimate in riding comfort. The combination of frame design and the soft foam are second to none.

  • Transitional Anti-fog, Shatterproof Lens
  • Black Frame with Soft Airy Foam
  • Available in Regular Frame Size Only
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Includes FREE carrying pouch with clip 
  • Protection: wind
  • Lens care
Brand Lanes Eyewear
Condition New
Product Code 02-06