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Flexvision Over Glasses OTG SkyDiving Goggles

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Flexvision "Over Glasses"  size goggles, well known to be the best at deflecting the wind and not blowing off like the flat bottomed styles.These extra large size goggles fit comfortably over virtually any pair of glasses - just perfect for those jumpers who need to wear prescription glasses while jumping.These
Flexvision goggles are made from a soft,comfortable flexible plastic that is very long lasting and scratch resistant. They can last for years! Each pair is individually sanded on the inside for a smooth finish, and offer a wide field of vision. 

A thick bungee strap pulled through a small hole in the plastic allows the user to adjust the tension without need to make a knot, just pull to the desired tension and release. This "Friction Lock" is a nice feature, especially for students and tandems where there is a need to change settings often.

Protection: wind
Lens care

Age Group adult
Gender unisex
Brand Flexvision
Condition New