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  • Flex-Z SkyDiving Goggles

    Flex-Z SkyDiving Goggles

    £14.95 £17.00
    The one and only Flex-Z goggles. Designed to stand up to the wear and tear of dropzone life. Made from a remarkable material that makes them more durable and crack resistant, they are pliable and form fitting, making them extremely comfortable.
  • Flexvision SkyDiving Goggles | Clear Lens

    Flexvision SkyDiving Goggles | Clear Lens

    £10.00 £13.00
    These Flexvision goggles are made from a soft,comfortable flexible plastic that is very long lasting and scratch resistant. They can last for years! Each pair is individually sanded on the inside for a smooth finish, and offer a wide field of vision.
  • Kroops Original Brass Vented Goggles

    Kroops Original Brass Vented Goggles

    £10.50 £14.95
    The Original Brass Vented (Boogie) goggle used by sportsmen/women worldwide since Kroops invented it in 1947. Made with Kroops proprietary high clarity flexible lens, stitched edging and solid brass vents.
  • Flexvision Over Glasses OTG SkyDiving Goggles

    Flexvision Over Glasses OTG SkyDiving Goggles

    £15.00 £17.95
    Flexvision "Over Glasses"  size goggles, well known to be the best at deflecting the wind and not blowing off like the flat bottomed styles.These extra large size goggles fit comfortably over virtually any pair of glasses - just perfect for those jumpers who need to wear prescription glasses while jumping
  • Kroops VFR OTG Over Glasses Goggles

    Kroops VFR OTG Over Glasses Goggles

    £16.95 £18.95
    The VFR Goggle is a smaller version of Kroops original OTE (Over the Eyeglasses) goggle invented by Kroops in the 1970's. This new design is large enough to fit over most prescription glasses yet it's small enough to work with helmets including most if not all bicycle helmets.
  • Kroops 13-Five Goggles

    Kroops 13-Five Goggles

    £22.00 £25.00
    The large lens format is a perfect fit over the brows.  It's made with a multilayer foam that's soft enough to wear for long hours.  The spherical lens gives you a great distortion free view with totally unobstructed peripheral vision. The headband is made with a silicone bead to hold tight after adjustment.
  • Curv Z Soft Foam Padded Sunglasses

    Curv Z Soft Foam Padded Sunglasses

    £21.00 £25.95
    The CURV Z model consists of a light weight frame designed to fit comfortably and snug just like riding/skydiving glasses should. A soft airy foam forms an airtight seal around the eye sockets and protects them from wind and dust to maintain the ultimate in riding comfort.
  • Flight OTG Over Glasses Biker Goggles

    Flight OTG Over Glasses Biker Goggles

    £21.00 £29.95
    The Flight is an ideal goggle for any rider who requires Prescription glasses or is simply interested in a high quality goggle. The goggle fits over most Prescription glasses and comes with a single anti-fog lens.
  • Goliath OTG Over Glasses Biker Goggles

    Goliath OTG Over Glasses Biker Goggles

    £22.00 £28.95
    Goliath OTG (Over the Glasses) Goggles offer 100% UV protection, nearly unbreakable frames, a robust adjustable strap and comfort foam.  They are also cleverly vented to prevent fogging.
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  • Sorz Goggles

    Sorz Goggles

    £18.00 £19.95
    The original SORZ goggles from Lanes, lightweight, distortion free wrap-around one-piece goggles offering the widest field of vision. Coupled with a heavy duty adjustable flexible strap that fits under any helmet and a soft cushion seal all around for an airtight fit. 

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