Exfog - Antifog System

Exfog - Antifog System

EXFOG Anti-fog systems, provide constant regulated air supply to lenses. Lightweight and streamlined can be worn as a headband setup or attached to helmets. 

 It is commonly used in industries and activities where fogging can be a significant problem, including military operations, airsoft, paintball, and industrial work.

The ExFog system consists of a compact, lightweight module that can be easily attached to the user's gear or clothing. It uses a combination of airflow and temperature control to prevent condensation and fogging on the eyewear's surface. The module is connected to a small battery pack that powers the system.

The ExFog system features adjustable airflow settings, allowing users to control the intensity and direction of airflow onto the eyewear. This helps to ensure that fog is effectively cleared without obstructing vision or causing discomfort. The system can be adjusted to accommodate different weather conditions and physical activity levels.

One of the advantages of the ExFog system is its versatility. It can be easily integrated with a wide range of eyewear models, including those with prescription lenses. The module can be mounted in various positions, such as on the helmet, on the strap of the eyewear, or on clothing.

The ExFog antifog system is a reliable and efficient solution for preventing fogging on eyewear in demanding environments. It enhances safety, visibility, and overall comfort for users engaged in activities where fogging can be a hindrance.

ExFog Helmet Pouch - main image

ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (EHP)

The official ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (EHP) pairs perfectly with the ExFog Antifog system, the versatile unit that keeps your full seal goggles fog-free...
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ExFog Replacement Headband - main image

ExFog Replacement Headband

Traditional Custom Headband for the ExFog Anti-fog system.Use this to attach either directly to the head, or most headwear that does not have addition...
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ExFog Replacement T-Band - main image

ExFog Replacement T-Band

Custom T-Band Headband for the ExFog Anti-fog system. Designed for quick attachment to goggles with larger bands, such as Paintball Goggles, Skiing Go...
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ExFog XT Replacement Base Unit - main image

ExFog XT Replacement Base Unit

Have you run out the life on your ExFog, but don’t need to buy all the accessories? Now, you can purchase a replacement base unit with the latest tech...
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